Invitatio zur Disputatio

Über den Ursprung des guten Geschmacks

You will no doubt expend great effort in attempting to discover the described scene in the polished oblong object, and will perhaps even try to perceive a pastoral . How quickly a bucket full to the brim with water can become "The Washerwoman" if a placard with the appropriate caption is placed next to it. Why do you ask? What are you driving at? Because a polished stone can't simply have been found in the trail of rubble left by a glacier; because a ordinary pail of water can't simply be a plain pail of water? Because the observer simply has the wrong taste and the connoisseur subjects everything to debate?

Do you see what we are driving at?

Again: In his epistulae , in which he attempts to encourage the antique spectator of the gladiatorial games to think critically, the great Seneca was already quite certain that he knew what ought to be avoided at all cost: "turbam" (the turbulent mass). And he knows exactly what must be done: " Recede in te ipsum quantum potes." I.e.: "Recede into yourself as far as you can!" That is his solution.

So, if you ever wonder about the meaning of "good taste" and the art of observation: Here, you are invited to be the origin of your own taste!

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